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IELTS Essay Evaluation: Online Communications Vs Face-to-Face Meetings.

In many workplaces, online communication is now more common than face-to-face meetings. Do the advantages of this trend outweigh the disadvantages?


In the past few years, especially during the pandemic, telecommunication has gained tremendous popularity in the business world. Professionals prefer to communicate over online platforms rather than (This is rarely mentioned in written English, but “PREFER” is same as “RATHER THAN”. The correct construction is “prefer X over Y”. Rather than in-person meetings, professionals use online platforms for communication.) in-person meetings. I believe the merits of this trend have an edge over its demerits.

Undoubtedly, online communication has offered numerous benefits to businesses the business owners. (why restrict benefits to owners only. Why not employees also? Also, the use of article “the” is incorrect. You are not referring to SPECIFIC business owners. Business owners are not the only ones who conduct meetings with clients.) It enables them to conduct meetings with their overseas clients sitting in different parts of the world. They do not need to travel to another country just to meet a new client; (Wrong use of semicolon – 1.), instead they can use various online applications such as google meet, skype, microsoft teams etcetera to set up calls with their business partners. Additionally, the money that they would spend on business trips to attend face-to-face meetings can be saved. As a result, it offers them an opportunity to expand their business operations (overuse of the word business) in a cost-effective manner.

  1. A semicolon is used to separate two INDEPENDENT clauses. That is, the two clauses can form separate sentences. GR issue.

In addition to offering advantages to the employers, this form of communication has also proven to be beneficial for to (Beneficial to somebody, beneficial for something) the employees. They can remain in connection (2) with be in touch with their managers and other team members round the clock. For example, staff members, (discuss) who work from home, can call their seniors or a teammates whenever they need. This which helps in smooth functioning of the (Wrong use of article THE. You’re not referring to a specific business.) business. (Let us convert simple sentences into a complex sentence using WHICH.) On the top of that, some workers are hesitant to share their ideas in in-person meetings, ; (Ah! This was the perfect place for a semi-colon. Note the difference between a semi-colon and a comma.) however, they feel comfortable to share their opinions and views over calls, resulting in better a exchange of ideas.

2. This is subtly, yet important. “In connection with” = on subject of something. “I wanted to talk in connection with the latest profit and loss statement.”

The only disadvantage of online mode of communication is that it needs efficient internet connectivity; (Oh no, no, no!) , the absence of which can lead to interruption of some crucial work related calls. Moreover, some people believe physical presence is a must (a must = a necessity) to build strong interpersonal bonds, therefore, (= as a result. The manner in which you’ve connected this to the sentence is incorrect. It needs a conjunction such as AND.) and therefore help in strengthening business relationships.

To conclude, offering convenience to (note the important difference: “convenience of something” “convenience to somebody”.) of having have meetings with foreign clients and better connectivity among the team members, telecommunication has become extremely popular in no time, with only few demerits including occasional disruptions owing to inefficient internet connection. (You’ve tried to carry TWO modifiers in one sentence. I will not suggest that unless you’re an expert in the English language.)

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