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IELTS Essay Evaluation: Not Enough Waste Recycled From Homes.

Some people claim that not enough waste from homes is recycled and that the only way to increase recycling is for government to make it a legal requirement. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


Some people argue that the most appropriate method to encourage masses to recycle their household garbage is to make it mandatory by the government. I completely agree with this opinion as recycling will not only keep the environment clean but also save planet’s resources. The question is NOT on recycling but on making it LEGALLY MANDATORY. Stick to that to maintain task response. Loss of TR. I completely agree with this opinion as without legal compulsions people are unlikely to follow the recycling process.

To keep the surroundings free of dirt, authorities can provide different dustbins like green for kitchen waste, and recyclable products, and yellow for broken glasses. (I can’t see legal requirement.) Moreover, they can impose fine to on people who will mix the dry and wet garbage together (mix includes the word together). For example, the Canadian government provides (Use of article THE – you’re talking about a specific government. PROVIDE”S”.) separate trash bins to every household for organic waste, newspapers, glasses, kitchen waste in order to make recycling process easier. (Your arguments are on government support and NOT on ‘legal requirements’. Poor TR.)

Making new products from the old ones also helps to conserve the resources of the a country. (You’ve made ARTICLES mistakes several times in this essay. That’s likely to impact your score on GR.) Recycling involves less energy, water and oil as compared to making products from scratch which requires substantial amount of non renewable resources for collection, transportation, rolling, and processing of raw material. (The sentence is well structured. But it lacks TR.) For example, In 2001, a survey conducted by the Indian government revealed that recycling of paper have had (Wrong tense. The past of past = past perfect.) reduced the (Phew! Too many ARTICLES mistakes.) deforestation by 70% as compared to the previous years.

In conclusion, government should make recycling of products a legal requirement to keep society neat and clean and to save natural materials.

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