Answer Checking

IELTS Essay Evaluation: Advertising Products As New.

In their advertising, businesses nowadays usually emphasize that their products are new in some way. Why is this do you think it is a positive or negative development?


These days most of the companies advertise their products as new in a certain manner. In my opinion, it is a positive development as it attracts the (you are not referring to a specific set of customers) customers and increases the market value of the a brand.

Advertisement of final product Presenting products (goods and services) as latest in market in terms of quality, quantity, features, and ingredients results in huge customers attraction (Strange construction. CUSTOMERS can’t be HUGE. Attraction can be.). Nowadays individuals prefer to purchase the latest products from the market as it will (You’ve begun your sentence in the simple present. Maintain the same tense.) improves their prestige and respect in society (LR issue. You can’t improve prestige and respect. You can ENHANCE it.). Moreover, some people are very excited to explore new product launched as it gives them a feeling of thrill and adventure (They are not going for adventure but only getting a feeling.). For example, when Apple launched a new range of IPhone 14 and IPhone 14 pro max which involves (You’ve switched from the simple past tense to the simple present tense. This mistake has been made twice and you will be heavily penalised in the GR score.) had advanced camera quality and features, large number of people rushed to purchase the latest mobile phone.

Commercials, describing the a product as newly launched, increases increase (Subject-verb disagreement) the brand value of the a company (You’re not referring to a specific company.). It (You can’t use a singular pronoun to refer to COMMERCIALS – a plural subject.) increases the excitement level of the people to purchase the product which did not exist earlier does not exist in the market. Even though the customers agree to spend a huge amount of money, the product is not worth the price. (The worth of the product is not your concern. Your only concern is BRAND VALUE. Focus on that. Loss of TR.) This results in increasing the share value of the company by improving their its overall sale. For example, Zara displayed (I guess the simple past tense is not appropriate here. Is the company no longer following this strategy?) their displays new collection in every six months, which is priced way more expensive as compared to their other the existing clothing range, even then the customers are willing and this compels customers to pay a heavy price to wear their for the latest style.

In conclusion, businesses can attract ample amount number of customers (AMOUNT = uncountable. NUMBER = countable.) and improve their market value, by advertising that their product has new design and features.

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