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IELTS Essay Evaluation: Driverless Cars.

It would be better for society and individuals if driverless cars are widely used? To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?


Many people claim that using driverless cars are (Subject = “using driverless cars” = Singular. Use “is”. Subject verb disagreement.) beneficial for community and human beings (Please note that “community” is not the same as “society” and “human beings” is not the same as “individuals”.). (Many people think that using driverless cars is beneficial for everyone.) I completely disagree with this opinion as it increases the number of accidents and results in unemployment.

Running driverless cars on roads increases the chances of mishappenings. At sometimes an the (“the X of Y” construction.) operating system of a car is not able to appropriately judge the amount of traffic congestion, It (You can’t connect two independent clauses using a comma) and it is impossible to respond quickly in terms of by applying brakes and giving race. Moreover, many a times the car becomes unfunctional while running on a road, which results in serious accidents, damage to the car and infrastructure (1). For example, a recent survey by Roads Organization revealed that Tesla driverless cars are not successful on Indian roads because of poor driving skills of people (Whoa! If the cars are DRIVERLESS, how does the “driving skills” matter? TR issue.) and it has increased the number of accidents by 20%. (For instance, a recent survey by the Roads Organisation has revealed that ever since the introduction of the Tesla and Tata driverless cars, the number of road accidents related to cars have been increasing at a rate of 10 percent per annum.)

  1. Since this is A, B, C structure, all should be parallel. Note that in your sentence “results” are A = serious accidents; B = damage to the car, C = infrastructure. DAMAGE is not connected to INFRASTRUCTURE. It stays with B. Here are alternate sentence structures: “serious accidents and damage to both car and infrastructure” “serious accidents, damage to car and destruction of infrastructure.”

Usage of more and more driverless cars creates unemployment in a country. Since many people are dependent upon driving jobs to earn their livelihood, driverless cars these vehicles make them jobless. T Also, they are not highly qualified also, so it is very difficult for them to change their job profile. In India most of the drivers are school dropouts not having and do not have a diploma, degree or experience of any other job, ; (Start a new sentence or use a semi-colon. Can you guess why?) thus it is very difficult for them to find some other work. For example, according to a survey conducted by the Employment Agency in 2021, sale of driverless cars had increased by 60% in many European countries, which increased the unemployment rate by 45%. ( …. a 60 percent increase in the sale of driverless cars in the European Union resulted in a simultaneous fall in the employment rate by 45 percent.)

In conclusion, driverless cars adversely affect the (You’re not talking about a specific country.) country as it increases the accidents and unemployment rate.

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