Answer Checking

IELTS Essay Evaluation: Best Time To Live.

Some people say that now is the best time in history to be living. What is your opinion about this? What other time in history would be interesting to live in?


Many people opine that the most favorable time to lead a life is the 21st century. I completely agree with this because of advanced technology, modern culture and tradition. Apart from 21st century, the times of kings and Queens will be enjoyable as they used to follow a royal lifestyle. (the highest, the smallest, the largest, the latest, the most; “the X of Y” construction).

The 21st century involves the latest technology, western culture, and modern thoughts and beliefs. Nowadays masses have a benefit of computers, laptops, and software, which make work much more easier, faster and reliable than any other time in the past. (The question demands comparison with the past time periods. Also, the use of the word “more” needs a comparison to make the thought complete. GR and TR mistake.) Moreover, as people follow international standards and traditions, they can easily gel up with the people of other countries and promote globalization. Such feats were impossible to achieve earlier. In India, for instance, most of the schools have made English as the first language, so that children can secure numerous career opportunities in foreign countries. For example, d (You’ve written “for instance” earlier. No need to repeat it. It is understood that the example continues.) Different softwares such as Microsoft Office, Zoom, Microsoft Teams are available to upload and organize data systematically. (For instance, the extensive use of the English language and software programs such as Microsoft Office and Zoom have enables young Indians to pursue global career opportunities that were impossible for their ancestors living in the previous centuries.)

In my opinion, living a royal life in the time of King Vikramaditya (Akbar, etc) will also be enjoyable. During those times, people used to live in huge palaces with a large number of rooms for housekeeping, staff members, conference hall, public meeting room. They used to travel on cars carts and horses (horse and bullock carts) from one place to another. Since there was were no telephones and mobile phones available, (The word “available” is unnecessary.) people used to deliver the messages in person full f . For instance, in Rajgarh Palace Jaipur, which is managed by government these days, one can view separate rooms of the king, 7 the seven (If the number is small, do not write in numerals) Queens, and a common washroom with both hot and cold water facility.

Articles, Articles, Articles!

In conclusion, the present scenario (Scenario is not the same as time. LR issue. In fact, it is unnecessary. Try reading the sentence without ‘scenario’ and it will make complete sense. “Present” itself is “time”.) is the most appropriate time to live because of numerous facilities of technology, by changed and modern traditions. Along with that, living the royal life will involve thrill and excitement

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