SoP and College Essays

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Writing a college or a university personal statement (Statement of Purpose) and essays is not an easy task. You’re going to compete with a lot of smart people from different parts of the world. Make sure that your personal statement stands apart from others. An excellent personal statement, that helps you get selected, has the following features.

  1. It sells you like a brand. That is, you are one unique person who has some very special qualities. Indirectly, you’re telling them that you’ll an asset to the institution.
  2. It communicates flawlessly. Now that’s the weak area of most students (native as well as international). Communicating clearly and concisely gets you through the door.
  3. Present the facts. Yes, most students write ABSURD stuff such, as I want to start a business. Okay, which business? Why a business? Why not a job? What motivates you for starting a business? What makes you think you will succeed? These questions have to be addressed adequately.
  4. Recite a Story. Trust me, humans are story loving creatures.

Here are a few helpful articles guiding students how to write impressive Essays and Statement of Purpose.

Is this school a good fit for you?

WE’RE HERE TO HELP. We can help you in these areas through one-on-one sessions of brainstorming and story creation.

Creating one personal statement usually takes more than a WEEK (About SEVEN Iterations) since all the aforesaid elements have to be inculcated and then the statement is polished before final submission. The first two iterations are free. You can choose not to continue the service after the two iterations. No questions will be asked.

If you’re seeking help, please fill the form below, and we’ll be in touch soon.

Statement of Purpose Editing

I will check your ONE statement of purpose not only from the perspective of concise and impressive language but also from the viewpoint of strong, specific, logical and relevant arguments. We will conduct at least three sessions to create a polished statement of purpose that ensures you success.


We never share your personal information or statements with any outsider. Unlike essays published on this website, we NEVER publish personal statements.

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