Editing Services.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is NOT an Essay Correction Service. For that, please visit the Course Schedule page.

Do you have a document that you want to get edited? You’ve landed at the perfect place. My editing services include:

  1. Full grammar audit.
  2. Removing any punctuation mistakes.
  3. Improving sentence structure for better expression of ideas.
  4. Improving paragraph structure for better flow of ideas.
  5. Removing any inconsistencies.
  6. Changes in formatting.

Editing Per Page

This price is for one page only. If your document has multiple pages of font size 12 with 1.5 spacing, please contact me at eltecielts@gmail.com for a discount package.


Do you want my services to write a plagiarism free, unique document? My writings will include a wide array of sources, full coverage of topics and well-developed arguments.

Writing Per Page

If you want my assistance in writing more than one page of font size 12 with 1.5 spacing, please email at eltelielts@gmail.com me for a discount package.


Document Editing

Are you looking for a deep edit of your document/ Report? I will correct it for all possible grammar as well as logical mistakes.