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  31. Some employers offer their employees membership of gyms and sports club,believing that this will make their staff healthier and more effective at work other employers see no benefit in doing so.Discuss both views and give your own opinion
    Employers are always seeking to enhance their employee’s productivity and subsidising health pursuits maybe one way of achieving this .There are arguments on both sides,however,which I will discuss in following paragraphs.
    On one hand, it might be said that workers need to be fitter and less stressed which will lead to higher levels of output.It can also be argued that work life balance of the staff will hopefully be improved reason being their leisure time will be more fulfilling.This maybe even more motivating than pay increments ,perks or financial rewards such as bonuses or incentives.Finally, feeling healthier could lead to better job satisfaction which is in itself a encouraging factor.
    Conversely, the problem with such leisure subsidies is that their efficacy is virtually impossible to quantify.For example,with target related payments,employers can at least see whether the objectives are reached or not.If this budget was spent on the job training or day release programs,the employees would achieve better career progressions and have better job prospects.These matters are all easier to measure, specially in performance reviews and appraisal and may even help to reduce the risk of redundancy if the company downsizes or outsourcing its workforce.
    Overall,it seems that,while health-related subsidies are superficially attractive ,the lack of measurability is a substantial drawback. spending funds on ongoing training would appear to be a better use of company.

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